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EDLD 5398 SP3 12 ET8028 School Improvement Recommendations

1. Expand JagChat to include featured, hosted web meetings for prospective students andtheir families. Topics include the admissions and financial aid processes, placement testing,class planning, degree plans, etc. This will allow Student Information Center (enrollmentservices generalists) to digitally engage with students who are accustom to online formatsand experiences. The meetings can be archived for students who were not able to attend.2. Fully implement Banner Relationship Module (BRM) to engage, motivate and communicatestudents as they progress through the enrollment funnel: connection, entry, progress andcompletion. This will ensure that students are advised and aware of next steps, mandatesand engagement opportunities on campus. The BRM workflow allows for multipledistribution and delivery options including email, text, targeted announcements, and mail.3. Develop a student progress dashboard for the student portal. For prospective students thedashboard will provide a visual gauge of their status in the enrollment pipeline. TheAdmissions Checklist should be used to design the prospective student dashboard. Forcurrent students, the dashboard will provide a visual gauge of their progress to degree

completion. Ideally, the dashboard will leverage the student’s degree plan and include

momentum points that mitigate loss (withdrawal) including prompts to visit with advisor,apply for financial aid, apply for graduation, etc.4. Leverage Kuder (career and assessment inventory) to ensure that dual credit student


progress through the pathway, creating momentum, mitigating loss and facilitatingcompletion. Kuder will provide guidance regarding degree selection and career planning. Inaddition, the portable, e-portfolio, will be integral in facilitating matriculation to highereducation or a career including access to admissions and scholarship applications, financialaid documentation, resume, etc.5. Modify degree audit feature in student portal to serve as student degree plan. This will

capture students’ pace and progress

while facilitating time to degree. Ideally, the degreeaudit will also provide prompts for registration and will prevent students from registering incourses outside of their selected degree plan. With the reduction in semesters allowed forFederal Pell and the changes in the Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines, it is


EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability 


Use the following rubric to guide your work.

TasksAccomplishedProficientNeedsImprovementUnacceptableWeek 4 Assignment: Action Planning and Professional Growth

Part 1:Create acampusaction plan

Completesaction planwith all criticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes aminimum of threestrategies/activities toaddress theobjective inthe actionplan.

(10 points)

Completesaction planwith five to sixcriticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes twostrategies/activities toaddress theobjective inthe actionplan.

(8 points)

Completesaction planwith one tofour criticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes onestrategy/activity to addressthe objectivein the actionplan.

(7 points)

Does notcomplete anaction plan.

(0 points)Part 2:Complete anagenda foroneprofessionaldevelopmentday.

Develops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thatconnectsdirectly to thegoal andobjectivestated in theaction planand includesthe topic,subtopic, andstrategies/activities for theagenda’sdelivery.Completes adetailedtimeline andevaluationplan for follow-up professionalDevelops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thataddresses thegoal/objectivecited in theaction plan butdoes notspecifystrategies/activities todeliverprofessionaldevelopment.Creates afollow-up planthat lackssufficientdetail fortimeline and/orevaluationplan.Develops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thatfails to addressone of thefollowing: thegoal/objectivecited in theaction plan ora follow-upplan forprofessionaldevelopmentandimplementation.

(7 points)

Does not tietheprofessionaldevelopmentagenda to thegoal/objectivestated in theaction plan orstatestrategies/activities forprofessionaldevelopmentdelivery. Doesnot create atimeline orfollow-upprofessionaldevelopment.

(0 points)

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