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Short Answer 1 – 51.Why should you indent the statements in the body of a loop? By indenting the statements in the body of the loop you visually set them apart from the surrounding code, and it makes your program easier to read and debug.2.Describe the difference between pretest loops and posttest loops. The difference between a pretest loop and posttest loop are; A While loop is a pretest loop, which means it tests its condition before performing iteration, and a Do-While loop is a posttest loop, which means it performs iteration before testing its condition.3.What is a condition-controlled loop? A condition-controlled loop is a loop that uses a true/false condition to control the number of times that it repeats.4.What is a count-controlled loop? A count-controlled loop is a loop that you can set it to repeat a specific number of times.5.What 3 actions do count-controlled loops typically perform using the counter variable? The three actions that a count-controlled loop performs using the counter variable are as follows: Initialization, Test, and Increment.


BCPL offers print and online resources for use at a Baltimore County Public Library branch and for use 24/7 at home or school.


Our free online databases are very useful for school assignments. Many contain full-text articles from magazines, journals, current and historic newspapers, encyclopedias, and more. There are databases on automotive repair, with biographies, on literature, on science and history, for AP test and SAT practice tests, on health, business, and more. 


Most of these electronic resources can be used in our branches or 24/7 from home, school, or work. All you need is a valid library card registered at the Baltimore County Public Library.  Click on this link if you have trouble accessing our databases from home, school, or work.


OurKids' Page – Got Homework?has websites to help elementary school students complete their homework as well.


BrowseLegacy Web: BCPL's Historic Photograph Collectionis a digital collection of local historic photographs. The collection contains almost 19,000 images covering all aspects of life, including photographs of people, buildings, sites, and events in the Baltimore County area, for the last 130 years. The images can be found and searched for through our catalog.


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