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This is What Hard Work is and Why it Matters

I read Jason Fried’s recent piece on hard work. It was thought-provoking. It continued a larger conversation. We all search for meaning. We’re all looking for values that can guide us. We want to make sense of why we do, what we do. We’re hoping that our life’s purpose will lead us to happiness and peace of mind.

So, where does hard work fit into that equation? And what does it mean?

Oxford defines hard work as, “a great deal of effort or endurance.”

Merriam-Webster defines hardworking as, “industrious, diligent.”

Effort. Endurance. Diligence. Industriousness

All very desirable qualities.

One of my biggest role models is the late, great Coach John Wooden. His Pyramid of Success has served as inspiration and a baseline for me over the course of my career. It’s provided me with invaluable guidance and direction. There’s no coincidence that one of the cornerstones of his pyramid is Industriousness. He defines this term — in light of its effect on success — as follows:

“Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way.”

You Get to Define Hard Work

Hard work, I’ve come to believe through experience and research, is both what we physically exert and mentally, a state of mind. Think about it — unless you’re under duress or strict direction, why would you work hard? Well, you’d work hard for something you believe in. You’d work hard for something you’ve thought and planned for, that will lead you to happiness, success or a well-being.

This is my personal definition of hard work:

Working intelligently and vigorously at a given task to complete it with maximum efficiency

Here’s the point: No one gets to define hard work for anyone else. Just like success, you define hard work for yourself. Your definition of hard work should support your definition of success!

It’s best for each of us to take the term and apply it to our own life. For me, hard work means going to my job each day, giving my all, then coming home and loving my family with all my heart, then working on my book, writing and marketing for my personal business. I try my darnedest to do these things with maximum effort and a positive attitude.

The days where I don’t feel like I give things my all, I don’t feel successful. I don’t feel happy. There are people counting on me! Employees that I manage and mentor, co-workers, family members and people who enjoy what I have to write about. I desire to give my all to bring value to the lives of others. This is empowered by a sense of commitment.

In other words, we work hard because we care. No one works hard for no reason at all. We have families to support, dreams to work toward and curiosities to satisfy. We have an innate sense of liberty inside all of us. We do things in some instances to survive, others to amuse ourselves, but many of us make an impact because we want to leave a legacy.

No one likes being told what is “good” or what is “bad.” More succinctly: none of us like being judged or criticized. We want to be helped in a constructive, caring manner. And we want to give back help in a kind, compassionate way that is helpful for others.

While there’s no comparison between the single mother working three jobs and the Fortune 500 software developer who configures technology platforms, this shouldn’t diminish the self-worth or value of someone’s output. That’s entirely up to the individual. I can’t possibly compare my definition of hard work to a day laborer in a third-world country. It would be ridiculous.

That person has a much different definition of hard work than the one I have for myself. And guess what? That’s fine. That’s what makes all of us unique. We should all work to contribute to society and do what we can to make our lives — and the lives of those around us — better, no matter our circumstances.

So, I pose the question to you. How do you define hard work? What does that mean to you? You saw my definition of hard work. You might have read Jason’s thoughts on the subject. There is surely value in this term. It’s been passed down from generation to generation, largely because it does have universal, significant meaning.

There are universal values to hold dear and things we come to agreement on as a society for the betterment of ourselves. Then, there are the things we get to define as they relate to our journey. Know what your values are. Understand what matters most to you and what you want to pursue. Define it for yourself. Then, live it. Crush it.

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Live Boldly!

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Any work is very important. Could you imagine our society without working people? Humanity cannot exist without it. When God has created the Earth He told the man to take care of it. Adam had to work. Although his work was hard, he always received big blessings from doing it. This method is effective now as well as in the past. The basic principle is unchangeable. When one is working hard, he will receive many advantages. In essay on importance of hard work we will discuss several significant factors.

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Does hard work make any sense? Yes, it does make a huge meaning for any society. We have already mentioned that any organization, program, or country neither cannot exist properly nor be successful without hard work. The world’s order, system, and life lie in man’s work. Adam and Eve from the beginning had a task. They had to work the garden where they lived. After leaving it Adam, Eve, and their kids had to cultivate the land and watch the flock and herd to feed themselves. These people had to work really hard. Through all man’s story people were made to work hard. That always was and always will be the main key to success.

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Any nation has a basement. This basement is people who work. They devote their lives either freely or not to make a strong and successful country. While looking into the past, we can notice seven the biggest and the most powerful empires. The first was Egyptian Empire and the last was Ottoman Empire. Each of them was great and fruitful. Their influence on the world was tremendous. Still people can find the inheritance of these great empires. What was the main rule or central figure that made small nations turned into powerful authority? Simple people made the mechanism work well. There always were workers or slaves who were forced to take care about one’s property. Even though they did not operated for their own benefit, they worked hard which brought success and growth to the country. By the way, our college essay writer for pay can prepare amazing essay on empires. Chat with us, if you are interested.

We purposely decided to choose empires as good examples. Some people do not know what it means to work hard. Soldiers and army were the initial source of success. They conquered territories spreading the area of their own country. Soldiers always work hard. This is their job to protect and to serve. The second stream of hard workers who brought nations to success was the stream of craftsmen. Their main task was to ennoble the country inside. A heave burden was put on their shoulders. Each of the seven empires had architectural masterpieces which astonished people. In Egyptian Empire there were brilliant temples and statues. In Medo-Persian Empire there were beautiful marble streets and roads, walls and buildings. Our team already has a paper about architecture, but if you want or need an article about Persian art masterpieces, we can do it. You should not pay someone to write your paper. Here you can find everything and everybody you need.

The rest of the people also had to work hard. They brought water, cut woods, watched crops, sewed, and cooked. The main idea of all this is that in successful society everyone works hard. Remember King Solomon. The Bible and history tells us about his blossom. Solomon’s kingdom was brilliant. Jerusalem each time received honored guests from different countries for they wanted to see by their own eyes the magnificent of the country. But one of the main conditions and reasons which made Israel to become a great country was hard work of Jews. Check the history of Solomon’s rule on the Internet. People worked with all theirs might. The work was worn. However, it led the country to the world’s recognition.

Have you noticed that while we were talking about this topic, we did not mention the major condition that make people work hard? The answer is simple. All the idea is in motivation. Every successful ruler had a power of inspiration. Their words served for people as support. For these reasons, they without any doubt embarked into an ocean of hard work.

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Hard working has the same importance nowadays. If you want to know the secret of how to become a hard worker, follow us.

1. Make optimism your best friend. This habit will help you to see failures differently. When you face them, you will consider each breakdown like a short wise lesson. Maybe someone accidentally has met a negative event, for example, it is additional responsibility. Look at it as a chance to show your best. Do not complain. If you meet it pleasantly, you will go through it successfully. Motivate yourself all the time. Oppose senseless thoughts. Learn to identify them before negative thoughts influence you. Even small success is already success.

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2. Perform one task at once. Multi task is not good. It works negatively in someone’s life. Do not overestimate yourself. Be critical. Perform less but with more energy. When you double the work, you can miss significant details. Be careful about it. Multi task is always tricky. A person may think that he is doing great while he loses grades.

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3. Work overtime if it is needed. In this way one will show his intensity and earnestness. A boss will be very complimentary about your decision. Still, do not make it a constant way of work. It can cause serious problems with health. Always be ready to take responsibility for your actions. If there is a problem that happened because of your mistake, have a courage to confess to a boss and energy to improve it. Make efforts to go from one professional level to another, take classes, and try to be accountable person and worker.

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4. Be active and effective. If there is an opportunity, take it. Do it only when you are sure that will achieve success. Thus, your chef will see that you are a reliable worker who always on his guard to perform the best. Again, if you have a smart suggestion, first think whether it is a right time for it. Do not be rude and never interrupt a college. You need support among coworkers. Build a pleasant atmosphere on the working place. Help others so once they will help you.

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5. Be determined and persistent. Strengthen your will. Train it all the time. Learn more, let your cup be full. Be confident about your will. This gives a way to reach the goal and comes to the end. Imagine the process of your work. Say aloud what positive things you feel about it. Such practice will give you energy. Do not stop trying if you fail. Surely, it can be difficult, but this is a wise step to achieve success.

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