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Use this production manager cover letter to help you develop your own job-winning cover letter. Your cover letter has one goal, to get your resume read with serious consideration.

This sample letter can be used as a template to create a cover letter that is relevant to the specific production manager job opportunity. Clearly communicate to the employer that you are qualified for the job with a concise and convincing summary of your skills and strengths.


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Mr Mark Pastow
Human Resources Director
ABC Company
10 Industry Road
New York, NY 10021

Dear Mr Pastow

In response to the job posting on XYZ website, please consider my resume in your search for a Production Manager. I am confident that my X years production management experience in a busy manufacturing environment provides me with the capacity to successfully meet your requirements.

Key capabilities that are relevant to your job opportunity include:

  • Sound experience of Lean manufacturing principles and up-to-date knowledge of current manufacturing technologies
  • Solid background in planning efficient production processes to assure optimal use of available capacity
  • Established track record in the identification and implementation of new manufacturing capabilities 
  • Demonstrated awareness of occupational hazards and effective implementation of safety precautions
  • Proven ability to work with, train, supervise and motivate employees to improve quality and control costs
  • Knowledge and ability to plan and manage annual and monthly budgets
  • Strong computer skills including MS Word, Excel, and Project

I am accustomed to a fast-paced work environment and efficiently handling multiple jobs at the same time. I enjoy a challenge and work very hard to achieve results.

I would appreciate an opportunity to further discuss your needs and the contribution I can make to your organization. Please contact me, via phone or email, to set up a mutually convenient time for us to meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joe Jobseeker


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An effective cover letter can significantly improve your chances of succeeding in your job hunt. To get the right employer to pay attention, your letter needs to demonstrate that hiring you will benefit his or her business. Hiring managers are typically very busy and tend to hurry through the many job applications they receive, so use our professional bakery clerk cover letter sample to learn how to get their attention quickly and effectively. The included writing advice offers some importance guidance as to the mechanics of creating an impressive letter.

Professional Bakery Clerk Cover Letter Sample

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Bakery Clerk Cover Letter Must-Haves

Convince employers that you are the right choice for the job by presenting them with a cover letter that is succinct and well-organized while including your most important qualifications. Your letter should not just repeat points from your resume. For maximum effect, choose a few achievements or characteristics that are most relevant to the position you want and explain how they make you a great candidate. Pay close attention to the job posting and use its language as a guide to tell you which characteristics the employer considers most important for job performance; be sure to include these keywords in your cover letter. Following the example of the professional bakery clerk cover letter sample, divide your letter into three concise yet informative paragraphs.

Best Action Verbs for a Bakery Clerk Cover Letter

As in the professional bakery clerk cover letter sample, increase the impact of your cover letter through targeted and effective use of vivid action verbs such as operated, produced, baked, cooperated, interacted, delivered, communicated, responded, and solved.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Ms. Simpson,

I am quick to learn, motivated, and personable. These character traits enable me to succeed in customer-facing positions such as your bakery clerk opening. In addition, my previous bakery department experience makes me a strong candidate for this job.I have worked at EFG Supermarkets for the past five years, starting out as a cashier and eventually moving to my current position as a bakery clerk. As a result, I am proficient in operating general store equipment such as the cash register and the intercom, as well as specialized bakery equipment, including ovens and proofers. I am highly committed to turning out top-standard product for my bakery department. In addition, my ability to get along well with others enables me to cooperate effectively with others on my team and to provide a high level of customer service. I remain calm and efficient under pressure and excel at interacting and building rapport with customers, even when they are having a difficult time, something highlighted in your job posting. My energy and positive attitude help me deliver consistently excellent job performance. Thank you so much for your time spent looking at my application. I hope I soon have the opportunity to tell you more about my qualifications in person.

John Doe

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