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Principles and Practice of Management

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PART ADescriptive Type Question

Question 1: Discuss the steps involved in organizing. Why organizing is important?Question 2: What were the Hawthorne studies? What effect did they have on theManagement practices?Question 3: The principles of scientific management differ from the ordinaryprinciples. Why? Give your comments.Question 4: Compare the three schools of management thought and discuss whichtheory as per you is most relevant and why?Question 5: Discuss the 14 general principles of management given by Fayol. Whichprinciple do you think is the most important?Question 6: Define management; discuss the functions of a manager?Question 7: Write short notes on (a) Organisation Manuals and Charts| (b) Leadersvs Managers | (c) MotivationQuestion 8: "Planning is charting the future course of action at present" Do youagree? Discuss the advantages of planning as a management process.Question 9: Management can be defined as "a process of bringing aboutimprovement in knowledge, skill, habits and attitudes of the employees in anorganization".Question 10: Which are the various types of plans you are familiar with? Discussthe steps involved in the planning process.Question 11: What steps can an organisation take to increase the motivational forcefor high levels of performance?Question 12: Explain briefly various Management Functions. What is the basis forsaying that planning is the most crucial management function? Discuss.Question 13: Explain the MBO Process.Question 14: Elucidate the relationship between planning and control.

Annamalai University Mba Assignment-Principles of Management

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Q1. Discus between delegation and decentralization. Cite some of the important obstacles to effective delegation?
Delegation is the process by which authority passes from manager to his subordinate. Delegation is the only solution to cope with the increasing work load of managers as the organisation grows. Because of the constraints of time and ability, a manager cannot perform all the tasks himself. So he delegates certain of the tasks to the subordinate and gets them done. Delegation and decentralization of authority are closely related.
Decentralization is an expansion of delegation of authority.
While in delegation authority is transferred on one to one basis from the superior to subordinate, decentralization of…show more content…

5)Basics of Management Hierarchy: Management hierarchy is inevitable to run a business organization successfully.
Only because of this hierarchy, the superiors and subordinates they come in contact with each other and get an opportunity to understand one another. This hierarchy is established through the process of delegation of authority.
Under this, authority flows from top level to the bottom

level. As a result, senior and subordinate links are established from top to bottom.
6)Better Coordination: Delegation of authority is a process to establish relation among responsibility and accountability. Through this, employees get clarification with regard to their powers, duties and accountability for work performance. Thus, a clear picture is delineated for all the jobs performed at various levels, which automatically establishes better coordination, the advantage of this is that neither duplicity nor overlapping of work takes place
Importance of Decentralization
Initiative among Subordinates:
decentralization, authorities are delegated in large amount.
Authority is a kind of power which compels a person to think/contemplate or to do something new. This inculcates in him the ability to take initiative.
2)Develops Managerial Talent for Future: Under

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